Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to install Clott?

A. You need the Java™ JRE and the JMF – version 2.1.1e (for versions 1.2 and above) from here and here. You will also need the clott.jar file from the demo page or the full version from me – see ‘How do I get the full version’ below.

Q. How do I install Clott?

A. Install the Java™ JRE, reboot, install the Java™ JMF, reboot, place clott.jar in a location of your choice. Additionally, please read the manual on the main ‘Clott‘ page.

Q. Will Clott run in a web browser?

A. Yes it will, currently tested in Internet Explorer® 6 and Firefox® 2.0+, please use the supplied html files.

Q. Does the demo version have a manual?

A. No. Use the Quick Set Slider or Update Timer Window (off Timer -> Set Timer) to set the time and the Start, Pause and Stop buttons.

Q. How do I get the full version?

A. The full version is currently free to Teachers working for the Medway LEA, otherwise, please donate using the button on the ‘Purchase‘ page.

Q. How can I be sure of the quality of Clott?

A. I have written Clott to the best of my ability. It has been tested informally by myself and others as much as possible. I have been teaching ICT for five years, but before that I was a Software Engineer for eight and a half years, three and half of which I was a Senior Software Engineer for two large organisations. I hold a degree in Computer Studies and membership of the British Computer Society – – with Chartered Engineer status.

Q. Will Clott run under Linux?

A. In theory, yes, but I have never tested it.

Q. Who do I need to contact for problems / enhancement suggestions?

A. Please contact me on e-mail, but I am a full time teacher so please be patient on a response.