Demo – Clott Version 1.1

  • Quick Set Slider.
  • Progress Bar.

Current – Clott Version 1.7

  • Ability to have a small version of the time, which is always on top, thus allowing other information to be conveyed whilst still retaining the facility of the tool.
  • Automatically update a web page with the current task, time and stop time so that students far away from the screen may still keep track of time. Tested on both: Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Improved animation facility.
  • Popup menu’s for Animation Scale and Frame Rate.
  • Display the timer time in Binary.
  • Choose to display the animation.
  • Task area so that you can communicate what the time is for.
  • Task area supports multiple tasks with different times.
  • Play Music at a given time; with Compact Disc support on Windows.
  • Change the foreground and background colour.
  • Set the foreground and background colours as an applet parameters.